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WIF-Pro 3 Aluminum

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WIF-Pro 3 Aluminum


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WIF-Pro 3 Aluminum Product

Control Panel

(1 per system)

A simple, intuitive user interface constructed with the highest quality, corrosion and UV resistant materials and components to withstand the harsh marine environment.


  • Waterproof rated enclosure (IP 65 for Aluminum LED & IP 67 for Silicone LED)
  • Dimming LED(s) - For night time navigation
  • Both manual & self-testing with fault alert
  • 95db Water-In-Fuel "WIF" alarm with flashing LEDs to ensure a problem never goes unnoticed
wif 3 alum panel animation
wif pro 3 sensor cable

Sensor Cables

(Qty 3)

The sensor cable plays a vital role as a communications link between the sensor ring, and the control panel. These high-quality, marine-grade cables, feature rugged and flexible PUR insulation, 316SS waterproof, M12 connectors, heat shrink identification labels and waterproof caps for protection during installation. At an ample 43’, the cables can be routed efficiently and neatly within the vessel.

Sensor Rings

(Qty 3)

The Sensor Ring is undeniably the heart of the Wif-Pro system. Driven by German made, self testing sensors known for their exceptional reliability, durability and precision, the sensors using, apertured modulated IR light, work seamlessly with the filter float switch to ensure accurate, reliable Water-In-Fuel "WIF" detection. In addition to dependable operation, they also feature an IP67 waterproof rating, an impressive operating temperature range from -40°F up to 150°F, and are Marine Ignition Protection Certified as required by the United States Coast Guard regulation 33 CFR 183.410. The Sensor Ring housing design is ingeniously crafted for ease of installation, and removal for routine filter maintenance. The one-handed click installation is especially convenient for accessing hard-to-reach filter compartments.

wif pro 3 sensor ring
filter parts animation

Filter Parts

(Qty 3 sets)

The three filter parts - The Orange Warning Indicator, Green Float, and Black Stopper - are crucial components in the WIF-Pro system. They are designed for use only in the Parker/Racor clear filter bowl with part number RK30475 and provide an effective visual confirmation when water is present in your fuel filter. When water infiltrates the fuel filter bowl, the Green Float rises, revealing the Orange Warning Indicator. When enough water enters the clear bowl (approximately 5 ounces), the Green Float serves as a mechanical switch to the Water-In-Fuel "WIF" alarm on your control panel. The Black Stopper, not readily visible after installation plays a vital role in ensuring proper system function by restricting the travel distance of the green float.

Funnel Drain Bottle

(Qty 1)

When the Water-In-Fuel "WIF" alarm sounds, indicating a water and fuel condition, the WIF-Pro drain bottle will quickly become your favorite part of the system. With its Patent Pending design, the drain bottle enables fast, one-handed, safe, drip-free draining of the fuel filter bowl to remove the water and reset the system. It’s also quite handy to drain the filter when performing a routine filter replacement.

funner bottle animation
uv cover animation

UV Cover

(Qty 1)

Molded from a high-quality, marine grade, UV resistant material to provide optimal protection for your Wif-Pro control panel when not in use. The cover features a secure, snap on installation with discrete grip edges on the top and bottom for easy removal.


Essential tools and components to simplify and ensure a high quality installation.

Centering Drill Bit

Produces perfectly centered pilot holes for the (4) control panel mounting screws

Pulling Line, Lubricant, and Harness

All 3 parts assist when pulling the sensor cable from the control panel to the sensor ring / filter compartment and eliminate the chance for damage to the cable connectors.

Wiring Diode

For multi-engine systems with multiple ignition keys, this electronic component makes it a breeze to connect multiple ignition power sources to the WIF-Pro system while preventing electrical current backflow

Filter Spacer (Qty 1)

Mounts behind the filter base, as a shim, to allow additional space for the sensor ring cable behind the filter. (if required)

wif pro 3 accessories